Shot guerilla style in Boston and Milwaukee from 2003-2013, GOOD WORK chronicles a decade in the professional and romantic efforts of Jason Hammond, across the country and back, a vicious and inscrutable spiral of success, until one day when he decides to start over.

From post-grad drifter, to superstar corporate consultant, to radical left-wing blogger… Jason discovers that his talents and desires have very little to do with each other, and that relationships are least likely to materialize just when it seems like they’re about to.

*  *  *

After a breakup everyone in Boston saw coming, Jason Hammond (Jeff Stern) goes to a business school in Milwaukee out of bitterness and cynicism. Soon he finds himself enmeshed at a self-described avant-garde strategy think tank, an unwitting rising star with a knack for solving problems he doesn’t think should be solved.

Several years later, after receiving his fourth consecutive award for excellence, Jason nearly connects with a coworker, but finds the barriers too substantial. He abandons the success-ful life he has made to comb vintage clothing stores and blog about the failures of Capitalism, while working on a mostly steady relationship. Jason discovers that leaving success behind is not as easy as he thought it would be.




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