Director bio:
Mike Fleisch was born near Boston, grew up in Milwaukee, went to film school in Boston, and currently lives in Cincinnati with his wife and three sons.  His short film, To Eat, played many festivals including Boston, Arizona, Maryland, and Filmstock, where it received Best Ensemble Acting.Mike is an award-winning designer, filmmaker, and writer. A graphic facilitator since 2003, he has created live, realtime visual representations from the speech of luminaries as diverse as Warren Buffett and Noam Chomsky. Chase Public, Mike’s nonprofit art and assembly space, has hosted poetry readings, music concerts, art openings, book signings, independent theater, stand-up comedy, hotly-contested debates, collaborative art-making, radical activism workshops, crazy-ass parties, and maybe one bird fight. Mostly poetry readings.Mike remains a regular contributor to HiLobrow, one of TIME magazine’s top ten blogs of 2010, where he recently completed a term as Artist-in-Residence. He is strongly considering getting his first tattoo at SXSW.

About the production:
Good Workbegan shooting on the night the Red Sox lost game 7 to the Yankees in the epic 2003 ALCS. The script grew and shifted as production continued over the years, until 2013, when the final 16mm frames were shot. Over the course of ten guerrilla years in production, many things changed… and other things remained incredibly consistent.

Cast & Crew:

Mike Fleisch

Jeff Stern

Zak Lee

Peggy Nelson

Keith Brown

Mary Baker

Kerreanna DiMauro

Rob Peyrebrune

Matt Payne

Derek Frank

Pegeen Quinn

Anita Fleisch

James Carlson

Melissa Merline

Martin Dansky

Mike Robbgrieco

Anna Goldsmith

Sarah Shrimplin

Beth Boucher

Lydia Kuhn

Nina Farouk

Joanna Jefferson

Beno Chapman

Hamilton Ray

Geoff Amidei

Paul Fleisch

Marie Barrock

Marea Beeman

Alex Whitmore

Mike Szegedi

Steve Haessler

Nick Kosiavelon

Gretchen Weismann

Cheney Brand

Alix Reiskind

Wayne Feldman

David Hairiri

Andrew Conway

Jamie Morrison

Nick Creten

Kara Krueger

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